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FINE NET Mosquito Proofings is a Kerala’s leading manufacturer and supplier  of mosquito net screens fitted in powder coated aluminum channel for protection of flying insects (mosquitoes). We are based at Vyttila, Kochi,  India with over a wide range of 8 years of professtional and customer satisfied services.

FINE NET products are versatile, strong, fire and corrosion resistant, easily cleanable and elegant screens that are custom made for windows, doors, balconies and other outdoor openings. 

We provide two types of mosquito net products:

  • FINE NET  – Fixed/Openable door Type with Saint GOBAIN Fibre net.

  • FINE FIT   – Roll-up type with PHIFER Fibre Glass net

(Made in USA).


  • Applicable for Windows, Doors, Balconies, Exhausts, Airholes etc.
  • Flats, Apartments, Villas, Houses, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Insitutions, offices etc.
  • Available aluminum channel powder coated in IFB white, Ivory, Brown, Coffee Brown and Black colour.
  • Measurement taking by our technician at FREE of COST.
  • 25% of total order value as advance payment at the time of finalising the order. Balance amount at the time of completion of the work.
  • Delivery 15 to 20 days from the date of order confirmation.
  • One year manufacturing warranty provided for Roll-up type product except fiber net cut by knife or mishandlings.
  • Life long service provided subject to the cost of replacing/repairing materials along with transportation charges will be charged.



“We are committed to create a mosquito protected environment in the society by providing quality and hygenic FINE NET Mosquito proofings for those who live or work in flats, apartments, villas, houses, offices, hostels, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions etc.”


“Our Goal is to provide a insects-free lively environment to all humanbeings whereever be”


‘Prevention is better than cure’. ‘A stitch in time will save nine’.